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Night, By Eliezer Wiesel - 1585 Words

There are many important themes and overtones to the book Night, by Eliezer Wiesel. One of the major themes from the book includes the protagonist, and author of his memoire, Elie Wiesel’s ever changing relationship with God. An example of this is when Moche the Beadle asked Elie an important question that would change his life forever, as the basis of his passion and aptitude for studying the ancient texts and teachings of Judaism, â€Å"When Moche the Beadle asked Elie why he prayed, Elie couldn t think of an answer that truly described his faith, and thought, a strange question, why did I live, why did I breathe? (Wiesel 14). The book begins describing Elie’s religious teacher of the Kabbalah, Moshe the Beadle, as a â€Å"jack of all trades,† or the â€Å"go-to man† for advice or jobs. Kabbalah is a type of religious study derived from Judaism. It is very rare and only practiced by a small part of the Jewish population, this includes Rabbis. This is because you can only study Kabbalah, written in the Zohar text, or other subcategories of Jewish mysticism, until you have mastered the Tora and Talmud. Kabbalah is a very advanced level of religion and interpretation. The book takes place during the span of World War II, and continues through Elie’s perspective, as a prisoner, persecuted due to his religion as a Jewish student. The first main plot line is when Elie and his family are taken from their happy, peaceful lives in the small town of Sighet Transylvania, and are put into aShow MoreRelatedAltruism In Night By Eliezer Wiesel976 Words   |  4 PagesIn Night, altruism is what separates man from a beast of the concentration camp. Humans as a species differ from the majority of the animal kingdom in their willingness to sacrifice their own well-being for the benefit of others. To be human is to be compassionate and caring for your fellow man. In Night, Eliezer Wiesel shows that humanity can be usurped. Subjected to the inhuman conditions of the Nazi concentration camps, Eliezers sense of altruism and compassion essentially disappear, leavingRead MoreNight, by Eliezer Wiesel Essay1060 Words   |  5 Pageshis autobiography Night, Eli ezer Wiesel displays the idea of how changing circumstances can cause one to contemplate everything they once held to be true and finite. Every person needs an anchor, someone or something to hold on to in order to keep progressing forward. In Night, a common anchor becomes apparent through the use of family. From the very beginning, Moishe the Beadle tells a story of a man, â€Å"Tobie, the tailor who begged to die before his sons were killed† (Wiesel 7). This man, whoRead MoreThe Novel Night By Eliezer Wiesel1009 Words   |  5 PagesThe novel Night by Eliezer Wiesel tells the tale of a young Elie Wiesel and his experience in the concentration camps,and his fight to stay alive . The tragic story shows the Jewish people during the Holocaust and their alienation from the world. Elie’s experience changes him mentally, and all actions taken while in the concentration were based on one thing...Survival. In the book, Elie talks a little about life before the Germans came in and forced them to give up their humanity. During thisRead MoreAnalysis Of Eliezer Wiesel s Night1480 Words   |  6 PagesEliezer Wiesel is a Nobel-Prize winning writer, teacher and activist known for the novel Night, in which he recounts his experiences surviving the Holocaust. After he was freed from Buchenwald in 1945, Wiesel went on to study at the Sorbonne in France from 1948-1951 and took up journalism, writing for the French and the Israeli publications. His friend, Francois Mauriac encouraged him to write about his experiences in the camps; Wiesel then published in Yiddish the memoir And the World Would RemainRead MoreNight, By Elie Wiesel842 Words   |  4 Pagesthemes of Night and the imagery that the author, Elie Wiesel, uses to create them. The themes we will discuss are identity, silence, and night. !!!About the Book If you were an observant Jew who believed in a loving God, then you and your family were captured by a group of ill-intentioned people, causing the death of your family, what would you think about whether God and humans are good or not? That is the main concern of Eliezer, the main character in Night. Night was writtenRead MoreNight : A Personal Account Of The Holocaust And The Brutal Reality Of Concentration Camps1353 Words   |  6 PagesSkipper Dr. Provost History 4336 6 October 2016 Night is a personal account of the Holocaust and the brutal reality of concentration camps in Poland. The short narrative is written by Elie Wiesel, an orthodox Jew, that was taken from his home in Sighet, a small town in Transylvania and forced to experience life within the walls of one of the deadliest concentration camps of the Holocaust. It was not until 1944 that Hungary, where Wiesel and his family resided, was affected by the catastropheRead MoreAnalysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel1198 Words   |  5 PagesIn the memoir Night, written by Elie Weisel, you take a journey through the 1940s, and learn what it was like to live during the Holocaust. Night records the life of Elie Wiesel during his teen years, and the oppression he and his family went through because of their Jewish descent. The Holocaust was a horrifying genocide where Adolf Hitler and the Nazis strived to wipe out the Jewish race, as well as Poles, Slavs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals, Gypsies, etc. Jews were taken from their homesRead MoreNight by Elie Wiesel646 Words   |  3 PagesTen years after WWII, Elie Wiesel’s novel Night was published in 1955. Night describes â€Å"his memories of life inside four different Nazi death camps,† as he was one of the few Jews to survive the Holocaust during WWII (Sanderson). Wiesel’s autobiographical novel makes him â€Å"the best-known contemporary Holocaust writer and novelist,† and reveals the impact of the concentration camps on humanity and for the individual (Sibelman).As a negative Bildungsroman, Night depicts â€Å"a coming of age story in whichRead MoreThe Holocaust: Night by Elie Wiesel1635 Words   |  7 PagesJews were persecuted, tortured and slaughtered in concentration camps (â€Å"The Holocaust† 1). Night by Elie Wiesel is the powerful memoir of his experiences during the Holocaust. Night shows the tragedy of the Holocaust through the use literary devices, including the themes of loss of faith and cruelty toward other human beings, night as a symbol of suffering and fear, and the use of first person narrative. Night allows the reader to emotionally connect with the victims of the Holocaust, encourages themRead MoreNight Cause Effect Essay848 Words   |  4 PagesApril 9th, 2013 Merchant 2A Night Cause and Effect Essay The book called Night by Eliezer Wiesel is the true story of Wiesel’s experiences during the holocaust. Wiesel was born in the town of Sighet, Transylvania; he was a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944, and moved to the Auschwitz concentration camp. This book is Eliezer terrifying record of his memories about how Jewish people were transferred to concentration camps. Eliezer explains how the Nazis treated

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